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The chaotic things we see on the news every day are more than just isolated disturbing events. They all stem from a battle that is literally taking place in the heavens that we can’t see. This battle is a spiritual battle. It’s a battle for our lives, for our children, for our earth, and for our future. Fortunately, we know who wins this battle. The Most High God — Yahweh — and his Messiah, the Lord Jesus Christ, will reign forever and ever with his children. Now is the time to join with Father God and become a disciple of Jesus. As his disciple, you’ll learn how to fight this battle for your children and the world to the glory of God the Father. If you have not ever believed in the name of the Lord Jesus, today is the day.

If you’re already following Jesus, welcome to the battle! We don’t fight with flesh and blood. We fight in the Spirit against unseen spiritual forces. That may sound daunting, but we’re in this together as a family, we have Christ our hope of glory in us, and the Holy Spirit empowers us.

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Don’t Back Down

In “Three Lessons in Spiritual Warfare from Joshua 1”, we talked about how crucial it is to know the Father’s heart before entering warfare.  Since we are fighting the battle that he has already won, of course it is imperative that we know what things are on the Father’s heart and go after those things.  … Continue reading Don’t Back Down

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