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Hello! We are so excited that you’re here. We understand that things in our cities, country, and the entire world seem confusing and at times scary right now. We’re here to help you make sense of the craziness and learn to to do spiritual battle through the power of the Holy Spirit so that you can help change the world for your children and their children.

We’ll be posting 3-4 posts a week, detailing important spiritual battles that are going on RIGHT NOW in our cities, nation, and the world, and how you can be involved through prayer. We’ll be teaching important spiritual warfare principals, and we’ll give encouragement for those who have been engaged in spiritual warfare for the world for years. The human race may very well be in the most epic battle we’ve ever been in. Join us in the fight to help heal our land through the power of the Holy Spirit. Your prayers and your voices matter.

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Don’t Back Down

In “Three Lessons in Spiritual Warfare from Joshua 1”, we talked about how crucial it is to know the Father’s heart before entering warfare.  Since we are fighting the battle that he has already won, of course it is imperative that we know what things are on the Father’s heart and go after those things.  … Continue reading Don’t Back Down

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