Don’t Back Down

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In “Three Lessons in Spiritual Warfare from Joshua 1”, we talked about how crucial it is to know the Father’s heart before entering warfare.  Since we are fighting the battle that he has already won, of course it is imperative that we know what things are on the Father’s heart and go after those things.  Anything else is completely counterproductive and a waste of time.  One of the main ways we discover the Father’s heart is by daily meditation on his Word.  God told Joshua that he would have great success in taking the land God had promised to the Israelites when he meditated on God’s Word day and night.

One huge danger though, is that after we’ve connected with God’s heart and believe we know what his plans are for a situation, we can be tempted to back down when we meet opposition.  In fact, oftentimes in spiritual warfare, there is an attack from the enemy in the exact area that God has revealed to us that he is working. 

I feel like this has happened recently on a grand scale in 2020.  Last year, God was calling many people to have quiet time with him.  Song of Solomon 2:10, “Rise up, my love, and come away with me”, was on the minds of many people.  So, lots of us went for retreats with Jesus.  (Interestingly, Jesus called me away on my retreat with him before I realized he was doing that with other women. It remained a theme I noticed throughout the year.) While on my retreat with Jesus at a bed and breakfast, I felt like he had 2 main things on his heart.  One was for me to truly believe deep down that I am completely pure and clean in his sight. The other was that his heart desires for the body of Christ to be unified like never before.  I hope to devote an entire post on why the body being unified right now is so important, but for now let’s just say that I left that time in the spring of 2019 with a burning urgency for God’s people to celebrate all our differences and be united around our love for one another and Jesus.  I started declaring Scriptures about unity, praying bold prayers about unity, walking the streets of my city and praying for unity in my city, etc.  And I was excited.  I was expecting God to bring about an amazing move of unity in his world wide church.

And then March 2020 happened.  From the looks of things, division is being sown rather than unity.  And many of the things that we used to do to foster community, togetherness, and unity, have been taken away.  It’s almost like the enemy knew we wanted unity, and said, “Ah, then I’ll take away even being able to visit your very own extended family.” Of course, at first glance, it looks rather grim.  I have Facebook friends who used to love each other arguing over politics, racial division seems to be at an all time high, and churches in some states are closed.

This is where we walk by faith and not by sight.  This is where we remember what God said, remember what is on his heart, remind ourselves by meditating on the Scriptures day and night.  This is where we don’t back down.   Jacob believed God had a blessing for him and did not back down, wrestling with God all night long until the blessing was given.  No matter what Satan is doing for evil, we look to what God has already said he is doing for good and we keep moving forward.

Of course Satan doesn’t want unity in the body of Christ.  Of course Satan doesn’t want the other things on the Father’s heart that God has shown you as you meditate on his word.  Of course the enemy is fighting back. Now is the time, church, to stand up and remember who God is and what his promises are.  It is the time to declare that “no one shall be able to stand against us all the days of our lives.”  Did God reveal his heart to you and commission you to fight for the work that he is doing upon the earth through your prayers?  Then believe that no scheme of the enemy will prosper against you. Continue to carry God’s heart with you; continue to declare His Word in your quiet time, in your home, with your family and in your streets.  Contend for the vision he gave you of what is on his heart, and do not give up. 

The world wide church of Jesus Christ will have unity.  We will not just lay aside our differences — we will celebrate our differences in joyful love with one another, and we will gather with one heart, mind, and voice around our King Jesus who is our God and Savior.  In our unity, we will reveal the glory of God to the world.  This will happen; it is the Father’s heart for his people, and no one shall be able to stand against us all our days.


Genesis 50:20

Joshua 1:5

Joshua 1:8

Isaiah 54:17

Matthew 16:18

Exodus 34:6-7

Prayer points/questions to contemplate:

Ask the Father to reveal his heart for the world, the church, your city, our nation, your family, or you as you read and meditate on his Word today. Don’t back down until you’ve seen his heart in this area.

What did God reveal to you?

When you look with your eyes, are you tempted to become afraid that God is not doing what is on his heart?   Cast this anxiety on him, for he cares for you. 

What is God calling you to do in order to demonstrate that you believe he will accomplish his word?

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